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EFI Spyder Fuel Injection

& EFI Components


If you want more horsepower instead of excuses, consider the Pro Mustang EFI SPYDER fuel injection intake manifold. Available for Ford 302 (5.0L), 351W, 351C and 460 big block engines. The EFI SPYDER manifolds accept any size throttle body (up to 90MM without any modification) and includes jumbo fuel rails and "Power Elbow" plenum at no extra cost. Also available in the super high flow Super Spyder version, when you need to move an extremely large amount of air through your engine, maximize breathing with the Super Spyder Intake Manifold!

EFI Super Spyder 351W POLISHED pictured. Regular price does not include polish option on intake manifold and "Power Elbow". Have yours polished! Buy Polish Option $229.99
Ford 302 Part Number Price  
EFI Spyder 2101-11594 $749.99 Buy Now
EFI Super Spyder 2101-11949 $799.99 Buy Now
Ford 351W      
EFI Spyder 2101-11595 $749.99 Buy Now
EFI Super Spyder 2101-11596 $799.99 Buy Now
Ford 351C      
EFI Spyder 2V 2101-11598 $799.99 Buy Now
EFI Spyder 4V 2101-11597 $799.99 Buy Now
Ford 460      
EFI Spyder 2101-11599 $749.99 Buy Now

Fuel Line Kits

You need a Pro Mustang EFI "Spyder" Stainless Fuel Line Kit. This kit permits a simple method to connect the jumbo 1/2" ID fuel rails supplied with the EFI "Spyder" to the OEM fuel lines. This kit may be used with some other manifolds. Other than an In-line fuel pressure regulator (available separately), no additional fittings will be needed. Kits are now in stock for 1987 to 1993 and 1994 to 1998 Mustangs.

Application Part Number Price  
1987-1993 Mustang 2110-11617 $299.99 Buy Now
1994-1995 Mustang 2110-11618 $319.99 Buy Now

EFI Spyder Fuel Rails

Guarantee fuel flow, and reservoir, with Pro Mustang EFI fuel rails. Extruded from 6061-t6 aluminum, then CNC machined for a precise fit Pro Mustang EFI Spyder fuel rails come complete with the hardware necessary to mount the fuel rails to your manifold.


Application Inside Diameter Fitting Part Number Price  
Chevrolet - Small Block .500 1/4" NPT 2108-10385-CS $124.99 Buy Now
Ford - Small Block - OEM .500 1/4" NPT 2108-11611-CS $124.99 Buy Now
Ford - Small Block - EFI Spyder .500 1/4" NPT 2108-12047-CS $124.99 Buy Now
Ford  - 460 - EFI Spyder .500 1/4" NPT 2108-11693-CS $124.99 Buy Now
Universal - Unfinished .500 UNF 2108-11612-CS $124.99 Buy Now

EFI Spyder "Power Elbow"

If you have an aftermarket manifold converted to EFI and need to mount the throttle body, the EFI Spyder "Power Elbow" is the part you need.

The "Power Elbow" mounts the throttle body in the stock location on all Fox Body Mustangs, and may be used with an angled adaptor on the SN95. It will accept any size throttle body up to 90mm with no modification, and can be modified for mounting in a "for and aft" configuration.

Ford 302 Part Number Price  

Power Elbow (Polished)

2109-11601 $224.99 Buy Now

Power Elbow (as cast)

2109-11600 $139.99 Buy Now

EFI Spyder Fuel Injectors

Stroker kits, Blowers, and Turbochargers. Each places it's own particular demand on your fuel system. But one thing is for sure. You need more. Those 19 lb stock injectors just aren't up to the task of making serious horsepower. Our EFI Spyder injectors are matched for fuel flow to ensure the most accurate fuel system possible.


Size Quantity Type Part Number Price  
24 lb 8   2105-11638 $339.99 Buy Now
30 lb 8   2105-11639 $339.99 Buy Now
36 lb 8   2105-11640 $417.99 Buy Now
42 lb 8   2105-11641 $455.99 Buy Now
50 lb 8   2105-11645 $549.99 Buy Now
65 lb 8 low ohm 2105-12043 $595.99 Buy Now
72 lb 8 low ohm 2105-11643 $595.99 Buy Now
85 lb 8 low ohm 2105-13922 $673.99 Buy Now
95 lb 8 low ohm 2105-11644 $673.99 Buy Now