Special Application Information (80000 & 90000 Series)

Small & Big Block Chevy - Both of these styles of engines utilize both internal and external balance dampers. All of our external dampers have bolt-in counterweights. Other than that, the dampers are identical for each style engine. So it is possible to have an internally balanced damper and convert it to external simply by adding one of our optional counterweights.

Small Block Ford - Small block Ford (260/289/302/351/5.0L) dampers were made in five different lengths, two different accessory bolt patterns, and two different external counterweights. We make two models; the 80006 has the 28.4 in. oz. counterweight and the 80007 has the 50 in. oz. counterweight. Both of these dampers are made to the early style shortest length. This will allow users to install '81 & later 5.0L engines (w/50 in. oz. dampers) in early Mustangs or street rods and have more clearance in the front than if they had the stock longer damper. Our dampers also have both 3 and 4-bolt pulley patterns so either early or late pulleys can be used. For later applications with longer dampers, we offer a series of three inexpensive aluminum spacers that accommodate these various applications. Because some of the early three bolt accessory pulleys piloted on a male boss and some piloted into a female bore, we also provide (with every damper) a special pilot adapter to accommodate either style. Both Ford Small block dampers have three sets of timing marks on them to accommodate the various timing pointer locations Ford used. To the best of our knowledge, between our two dampers and three spacers, we can fit nearly every SB Ford engine ever made.

How to Determine Which Ford Spacer To Use - Measure the overall length of your damper from the end of the snout to the front pulley face. If it is 3" long, no spacers are required. If it is 3.187" long, you can modify spacer #81006 to work. ~See instructions that come with the damper) If it is 3.375" long, use spacer #81006. If it's 3.875" long, use spacer #81008, If it's 4.0" long, use spacer #81007. 1980 & earlier requires no spacer.

Small Block Chrysler - We provide one damper model that can be used without a counterweight for internally balanced engines. Or use one of three supplied counterweights for other engines. See Note 2. The damper is supplied with all three counterweights.

Big Block FE Ford - Our damper is identical in fit and function to the original big block FE Ford dampers. It is supplied with a matching bolt-on single v-groove accessory pulley which may or may not be required in all applications. This damper is classed as an internally balanced damper although the 428 FE is externally balanced. On that engine all of the external weight is on the flexplate or flywheel. The damper is still a neutral balance damper and has no weight attached to it. All other FE engines (except 428) are internally balanced

Big Block 429-460 Ford - This damper utilizes a separate counterweight that is a spacer that goes over the crank and behind the damper. These weights are available from your Ford dealer (M-6359-D460) and must be used unless the engine assembly has been converted to an internally balanced engine by incorporating heavy metal in the crank.