-= CPR - 4340 Forged Light Weight I-Beam Connecting Rods for Ford, Chevrolet, and Honda Engines =-
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Custom Performance Racing I-Beam Forged Steel Rods are precision forged of select 4340 aircraft quality steel, vacuum degassed to remove impurities. Rods are forged in two pieces to insure proper grain flow. All surfaces are then 100% CNC machined into our track proven I-Beam design and shot-peened to relieve stress. We then install silicon bronze bushings for increased wear resistance and precision ground alignment sleeves in the rod cap to prevent cap walk under high horsepower loads, up to about 1000+ horsepower.

ALSO, we install ARP  rod bolts to insure the highest quality available at the most critical point of the rod.

AND--each rod is multiple heat treated--each forging is quenched in a salt bath--each rod is x-rayed from four sides before and after machining--each rod is magnafluxed before, during, and after machining. A minimum of six separate times. Also we random test using the Rockwell hardness test and metallurgical analysis to insure the highest possible quality.

AND--all rods are weighed and packaged in balanced sets.


IB-302-5090 I-BEAM ROD FOR FORD 302 5.090" 522 $422.40 BUY NOW
IB-302-5315 I-BEAM ROD FOR FORD 347 5.315" 550 $422.40 BUY NOW
IB-302-5400 I-BEAM ROD FOR FORD 331/347 5.400" 556 $422.40 BUY NOW
IB-351-5956 I-BEAM ROD FOR FORD 351W 5.956" 559 $435.20 BUY NOW
IB-460-6605 I-BEAM ROD FOR FORD 460 6.605" W/ARP 2000 810 $640.00 BUY NOW
IB-FE-6490 I-BEAM ROD FOR FORD 390, 427 FE 6.490" n/a $576.00 BUY NOW
IB-5.4-6658 I-BEAM ROD FORD 5.4L 6.658" W/ARP2000 n/a $640.00 BUY NOW
IB-350-5700 I-BEAM ROD FOR SBC 5.700" 594 $422.40 BUY NOW
IB-350-6000 I-BEAM ROD FOR SBC 6.000" 595 $422.40 BUY NOW
IB-350-6125 I-BEAM ROD FOR SBC 6.125" 599 $422.40 BUY NOW
IB-350-6200 I-BEAM ROD FOR SBC 6.200" 654 $435.20 BUY NOW
IB-350-6250 I-BEAM ROD FOR SBC 6.250" 658 $435.20 BUY NOW
IB-454-6135 I-BEAM ROD FOR BBC 6.135" 758 $460.80 BUY NOW
IB-454-6385 I-BEAM ROD FOR BBC 6.385" 762 $460.80 BUY NOW
IB-454-6535 I-BEAM ROD FOR BBC 6.535" 766 $460.80 BUY NOW
IB-454-6700 I-BEAM ROD FOR BBC 6.700" 785 $460.80 BUY NOW
IB-454-6800 I-BEAM ROD FOR BBC 6.800" 799 $460.80 BUY NOW
IB-CR-6123 I-BEAM ROD FOR CHRYSLER 318 6.123" n/a $422.40 BUY NOW
IB-CR-6760 I-BEAM ROD FOR CHRYSLER 440 6.760" W/ARP 2000 800 $640.00 BUY NOW
IB-PN-6625 I-BEAM ROD FOR PONTIAC 6.625" W/ARP 2000 n/a $640.00 BUY NOW